Repeater Node Design 

Since a majority of the active mesh is going to consist of repeaters I'm not going to really be able to buy a off the self one that fits my needs, so ima have to design and build on, using mostly off the self parts but also a few custom ones as well.

Some of my needs for each repeater are going to be 

Concealability is sorta key in my case as some of them will be deployed in places I don't want them to be disturbed.

As of now my current plan is to go with the RAK ecosystem of controllers, since they offer so many options and are modular.

 I'm going to start off my repeater with the WisBlock Meshtastic Starter Kit From 


Node Naming scheme


Short Name | Callsign | Station type 

MB00 = MOB00 = Mobile00  :  For mobile users, most non repeaters will use this 

ST00 = SENT00 = Sentinal00 : Repeaters designed to cover a specific area, equipped with a Omni Antenna, these cover areas in town 

BH00 = BAKH00 = BackHaul00 : Remote Repeaters to fill a critical gap in coverage 

LH00 = LONG00 = LongHaul00 : Repeaters equipped with a Yagi antenna for long distance repeater to repeater interconnects 

WX00 =  WEX00 = WeatherEnv00 : Weather and enviermental monitoring Stations 

GW00 = GTWY00 = GateWay00 : Gateway Node for WAN remote system uplink 

Update(Feb-02-2023): So now i have gotten two Heltec LoRa 32 v3 boards as well as 

Maping Radio Coverage

Finding that perfect coverage

Plan Of MESQ Nodes 

Plans Of MESQ Nodes w/ Coverage

SENT 2 Coverage

LongHaul Links

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